When shooting and creating imagery for the Gamic brand, there is a specific and intentional mood that the photographs should convey. It is important to be conscious and consistent with the mood and tone of the imagery.


Visual content should be created with the following keywords in mind:

  • Bright

  • Clean

  • Fun

  • Vibrant

  • Colourful

  • Warm

The aim is to visually communicate the spirit of the brand and evoke feelings of excitement and positivity.


Photos should be edited in a way that preserves the clarity and authenticity of the image. As much as possible, the mood should be achieved while shooting through the use of lighting. This ensures that post-editing is minimal and the photos are as natural as possible.

Images should be captured in such a way as to strikingly convey emotions such as happiness, joy, fun, loss, defeat, etc.

For colour grading - Photos can be edited in grayscale or full colour. Maintain consistent colours in images. Keep colours warm. In cases of skin tones, rich brown tones are preferred.

Backgrounds and Backdrops

Photos should be captured in a way that highlights the subject in an environment that has depth and colour. Photos intended for promotional purposes can be taken with a plain background.

Subjects and People

It is very important that the demeanour and vibe of the subject of the image correspond with the positive mood and style you want to convey. Try as much as possible to engage with the people (subjects) to achieve the right emotions and facial expressions that will reflect in the image.

No dull faces.

Logo Placement on Photos

It is important that when a logo is placed on an image, it does not distract from the actual image in any way.

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