Gamic A.I.

(coming Q3, 2024)

By incorporating AI technology into the Gamic platform, we will provide a more personalized and inclusive experience for users while improving moderation and safety. Gamic will utilize AI in the following ways:

Chat Moderation

AI will be trained to detect and flag inappropriate language and spam, making it easier for moderators to keep the community safe and respectful.

Personalized Recommendations

AI will analyze a user's activity on the platform and make suggestions for servers, channels, and users they might be interested in, helping people find and connect with like-minded individuals.

Virtual Assistants

AI-powered virtual assistants will assist users in finding information, performing actions, and answering questions within the app.

Language Translation

AI-powered language translation will automatically translate messages in real time, making it easier for users who speak different languages to communicate with one another.

User Sentiment Analysis

AI can analyze the sentiment of messages in a server and help moderators to identify areas where community members are feeling frustrated or unhappy, allowing community owners to take action to improve the overall experience.

And more to come...

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