Polygon Partnership

Nigeria's Leading Web3 Social Communications Platform, Gamic, Joins Polygon to Bring Blockchain Opportunities to Africa

Lagos, December 22, 2022

Gamic, a Web3 social communication platform based in Nigeria, has announced its association with the Polygon network, a well-known infrastructure and scaling platform for Ethereum. Through this partnership, Gamic will be able to increase its influence and reach on the international scene and bring blockchain-powered opportunities to Africa.

A ground-breaking platform called Gamic fuses social communication features with the power of Web3 technology. The platform lets users talk to each other, share information, and have deep conversations about a wide range of topics. Gamic is a truly decentralized and community-driven platform because users can get paid for what they do.

By joining Polygon, Gamic will be able to work with other top blockchain projects. This will give it access to a large network of developers and resources. Because of this partnership, Gamic will be able to come up with more new ideas and spread the use of blockchain technology in Africa and other places.

The CEO of Gamic, Ukeme Okuku, was happy that the company had decided to join the Polygon network and that he would be able to work with such a talented and enthusiastic group of people. In his words, “We are excited to be leading this movement in Africa because we believe blockchain technology has the potential to alter businesses and usher in a better future.”

You can create or join an existing community now!

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For more information about Gamic and its new chat app, visit gamic.app

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