ArchLoot Partnership

Gamic Guild Partners With ArchLoot to bring Interactive Gameplay to Gamers

Gamic Guild has signed a strategic partnership with ArchLoot, an NFT-based UGC game. ArchLoot is built on the BNB Chain.

Lagos, July 27, 2022

As part of the strategic move to lead the adoption of play-to-earn in Africa and beyond, this strategic partnership will create more economic opportunities for gamers on the blockchain. Supported by EIP-4985 and BEP-129 protocols, ArchLoot’s NFT system combines loot style with improved playability to offer interactive gameplay to gamers. The NFT protocols enable gamers to construct and recombine avatars from a catalogue of NFTs.

Gamic Guild is an ecosystem developed with the purpose of enabling gamers to have gratifying experiences while playing Blockchain-based games. As the foremost Guild in Africa, Gamic Guild is leveraging the blockchain to create revenue-generating opportunities for gamers through GameFi. Over the last 6 months, Gamic Guild has built a thriving community of active gamers whose lives have been impacted positively by the play-to-earn model.

ArchLoot is building an ecosystem where gamers would be able to change or upgrade or improve the properties and design of NFT objects in-game. The NFT system unlocks unexpected performance through recombination and enhances playability for gamers. Gamers can also earn from the NFTs by offering them in secondary markets. Hence, the partnership will further establish Gamic Guild’s vision to provide an array of profitable games to players.

GameFi has impacted on-chain activity. The gaming guild model has changed how many view blockchain and the gaming industry. This unique business strategy generates revenue by managing scholars across games and investing in-game or partnering with guilds. Through this partnership, Gamic Guild will explore GameFi 2.0 alongside ArchLoot.

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