Lootbox Partnership

Gamic Announces Partnership with LOOTBOX to Accelerate Community engagement in Web3

Lagos, December 21, 2022

Gamic has formed a strategic alliance with LOOTBOX in order to provide its community and devoted fans of esports tournaments with a more rewarding gaming experience.

LOOTBOX is a fan ticketing system that lets communities earn a share of prize money when their favorite gamers win gaming competitions. This collaboration will boost participation in our gaming community and play a key role in Gamicโ€™s mission of bringing African gamers to GameFi.

Over the last few years, the esports industry has generated more than $1 billion, and during this time, we have seen the rise of blockchain-based gaming with tokenized in-game economies and rewards for players. And in the past few months, weโ€™ve been able to combine GameFi and esports to give players more competitive game modes while also using decentralized blockchains to add security, fairness, and new economic models. The growing connection between GameFi and esports is becoming a crucial component in encouraging more people to play Web3 games with a good user experience.

Gamic is on track to use the blockchain to build the communities of the future in Web3. As a leading Web3 company in Africa, Gamic has devised novel ways for gamers to earn money by participating in guild tournaments. After tournaments, the Gamic community and fans will be able to share in the prizes. When their favorite team wins, fans can benefit from rewards too.

About Gamic

Gamic is a Binance-backed startup that leverages blockchain technology to build the future of communities and onboard Web2 gamers and creators into the economic opportunities available on the blockchain.

About Lootbox

LOOTBOX empowers communities with fan tickets that give them access to a share of the prize money when their favorite team wins an eSports tournament. LOOTBOX creates innovative ways to propagate community-driven growth for gaming communities and dApps.

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