Binance Incubation Labs 2022

Gamic Guild is the Only African Project Out of 14 Globally – 2022 Binance Incubation Program Season 4

Lagos, May 4, 2022

Today, Binance Labs announced the acceptance of Gamic Guild, the foremost African startup focused on bringing blockchain economic opportunities to Africans and the world at large into its incubation program. This is set to position the guild to impact Africa positively.

The innovation incubator of Binance will help Gamic Guild create massive opportunities through GameFi, connect the team to an extensive network of industry leaders, establish a strong market presence and launch. Gamic Guild is poised to bridge the education gap in the African GameFi ecosystem and create life-changing opportunities for people.

Binance Labs assists start-ups throughout their lifecycle, from their biannual early-stage incubation program to their late-stage venture capital investments. By leveraging Binance’s greatest market expertise, diverse ecosystem, and widespread resources in the blockchain sector, Gamic Guild can generate value and achieve its goals.

Gamic Guild is an ecosystem designed to bring gamers together to benefit from Blockchain-powered games. Gamic Guild envisions a society where families can earn passive income from gaming and has partnered with several games and guilds to achieve this vision. The strategic partnerships include Avisa Games Guild, League of Mitra, Angelic the Game, XEND finance, The KillBox game, and Ark Rivals. And year-to-date Gamic Guild has recorded massive growth.

The Binance incubation program provides all the necessary funds, PR, marketing, legal advice and business development strategies for a blockchain startup that needs to grow and build.

Gamic Press Contact

For additional information or interview with CEO and Founder of Gamic, Ukeme Okuku, please contact Idoroenyin Usoro, Head of Storytelling, Brand Communications and Growth, Gamic |

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