Gamic Bridge (Interoperability)

(coming Q1, 2025)

Through Gamic Bridge, the Gamic platform is interoperable with existing communications channels. Put simply, this means that current communications platforms can live on the Gamic platform itself.

Gamic accomplishes this by leveraging a wide range of hosted bridging services that deliver interoperability with traditional apps. These include:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Slack

  • WhatsApp

  • Signal

  • Telegram

  • Discord

  • Line

  • KakaoTalk

  • Wechat

Using the Matrix protocol, Gamic allows communities that currently live on these platforms to continue using them within the Gamic platform itself. Gamic does not require team managers to migrate their users to the gamic communications channel — they can simply link their chosen chat application to Gamic and begin taking advantage of the platform.

This feature allows Gamic communities to connect with people stuck on walled garden apps, easing the on-ramp process and encouraging wider user adoption.

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