BreederDAO Partnership

Gamic Signs a Strategic Partnership With BreederDAO, AI-Powered GameFi Asset Producer

Lagos, November 29, 2022

Gamic is thrilled to announce that we have established a strategic partnership with BreederDAO. BreederDAO is a specialist producer of outstanding Metaverse gaming assets. Some of the largest guilds in the Metaverse use the assets to accelerate their play-to-earn economies. All asset-generating tools are built in-house using game knowledge, analytics, and modelling.

BreederDAO uses on-chain and off-chain approaches to optimize the NFT manufacturing process, allowing guilds like ours to scale more quickly. BreederDAO guarantees that play-to-earn guilds have access to NFTs that complement their strategies.

NFT gaming assets are well-suited for the gaming world because NFTs can tackle actual ownership, decentralization, hacking, and item theft using blockchain technology. These gaming assets can help players, studios, and developers break Web2 gaming limitations and enter a new age. With NFTs gaming assets we can develop new revenue streams and encourage game participation or interoperability.

Our partnership with BreederDAO will improve the gaming experience for our community. As part of our community-first approach, BreederDAO will provide us with access to their technology that will enable our guilds to produce in-game materials on their own, and at scale.

We are creating solid alliances in Web3 as a crucial facet of offering groundbreaking value in the Web3 gaming industry, in addition to building cutting-edge web3 products and growing a robust GameFi community.

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