Platform Features

Communication Capabilities


Engage with communities using the communication methods and functionality you’re used to but with a simpler user interface and crypto integrations built-in.

Personalized Chat Threads

to further organize chats, allowing users to visually group messages with their replies so they can keep better track of conversations pertaining to a given sub-topic within a given chat channel.

Direct Messaging

to allow for private, one-on-one communications hosted outside of shared community spaces.

Mixed-Media Content Sharing + Reactions

to allow users to communicate using text, images, or videos on the platform and respond to/interact with these messages using their favorite emojis.

Voice Messages & Channels (coming Q3, 2024)

to allow users to send and receive audio messages instead of text-based messages.

Video Conferencing (coming Q3, 2024)

allowing users to hold virtual meetings and presentations.

Community Management Tools


Easily communicate with managers and players in the same place you operate using either public or private servers. Set user roles (manually or automatically) to organize and moderate community content.

Unlimited Spaces & Members

to allow users to create or join as many communities as they would like.

Unlimited Public Channels

allowing users to subset communications by conversation topic or focus.

Unlimited Private Rooms

allowing small groups within your space to engage in private discourse on specific topics or shared interests.

Role Management

allowing users to effectively allocate permissions to certain users in their space. These permissions are granular and you can define members that can: manage rooms, manage roles, upload files, ban & kick users from your space, delete user messages (moderation), create private rooms, and post messages in read-only channels.

Automated Role Assignment

to allow users to self-assign their role(s) within a space via a specialized β€œAccess Page” channel.

Event-Hosting (coming Q3, 2024)

so users can join or host community events(coming soon) on the Gamic platform (community celebrations, conferences, streams, tournaments, hackathons, etc.)

Web3-Focused Integrations


Hold and transfer crypto assets on-platform. Then use your crypto to buy or sell NFTs and plugins (which you can create with Gamic’s SDK).

The Gamic Wallet

send & receive any ERC20 token easily β€” Manage an unlimited number of tokens across BNB Chain, Polygon & Ethereum Mainnet, with more chain support coming.Swap tokens across supported chains and (coming soon) manage NFT’s across multiple chains. (coming soon) Hold/use fiat to buy and sell crypto with support for bank transfers. Manage your privacy settings to keep your wallet balance hidden from prying eyes.

Transfer Crypto over Chat

so users can send and receive crypto assets in chat channels and rooms, or over Youtube live chat. Community managers and streamers can airdrop tokens or NFTs to their audience and receive crypto-based tips.

The Gamic SDK (coming Q1, 2025)

so developers can add functionality to the Gamic Platform through the creation of plugins, creating bespoke solutions to meet personal and community needs.

The Gamic Marketplace (coming Q2, 2025)

where users can buy and sell NFTs and plugins with analytics and reviews built-in.

Metrics/Community Insights


Monitor the performance of users, communities, and assets in real time; Efficiently vet community applicants; make informed asset investments.

User Metrics (coming Q3, 2024)

Monitor user activity or performance metrics (where applicable) within a community.

Asset Metrics

Monitor the performance of crypto and NFT (coming soon) assets over time.

Game Metrics (coming soon - TBD)

Monitor the costs and payouts associated with games over time and track their popularity.

Security/Privacy Controls


Maintain control over your data and privacy settings while moderating the sort of content your community tolerates being shared in its space.

Encrypted Chats

to ensure communications remain secure and private.

Malicious Content Controls

to allow administrators to ban or kick users from a space and delete spam content, keeping communications friendly

Multi-Signature Wallets Co-Owned by Communities (coming soon TBD)

allowing community owners to set up multi-signature gnosis safes to store their community information (community spaces will become ownable/transferable NFTs) to increase platform security.

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