Ember Partnership

Gamic Partners With Ember, the First NFT Sharing Economy in Web3

Lagos, November 14, 2022

We’re excited to announce that Gamic has partnered with Ember to bring the benefits of the sharing economy to gamers worldwide. Ember is the first sharing economy for NFTs, gaming, finance & entertainment, built with the objective of bringing the next billion users into Web3. This partnership will allow Gamic’s community of gamers to trade their in-game items and experiences with each other using Ember’s decentralized platform. With Ember, gamers will have full control over their items and data, and they’ll be able to earn rewards for participating in the ecosystem.

With the recent boom of NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, there are — as expected — “oddball exceptions” which render certain types or standards of these NFTs incompatible or downright unusable on some chains. Gamic recognizes the problem worth solving and strategically partnered with Ember to consolidate this inclusive sharing economy.

This partnership will establish five key Web3 principles including; focusing on the needs of the community; the commitment to decentralization; a dedication to transparency; emphasis on inclusion and premium user experience. Above all else, both platforms will be easy and enjoyable to use by the community.

According to the CEO of Gamic, Ukeme Okuku, “Gamic is a passionate African startup that believes in the power of blockchain technology and the potential for Web3 to connect people — creators, developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts — in the most imaginative ways. Our partnership with ember protocol is another step closer to realizing our vision.”

Gamic is committed to providing the best possible experience for our users, and our collaboration with Ember will help us achieve this goal. We believe that this partnership will help Gamic fulfil its mission of empowering gamers and providing an even better gaming experience for everyone involved.

We are building something amazing and powerful for our community. Join our waitlist to be among the first to access it.

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