Gamic will set aside 30% of the total $GNG supply (30,000,000 tokens) to be given out as staking rewards over the course of 7 years. In order to continue offering rewards beyond this point, Gamic will constantly refill this rewards pool through the collection of platform fees.

Token rewards will be given out on a continuous basis from a finite pool.

Stakers will receive a portion of this pool based on the amount of $GNG they have staked and their agreed-upon lock-up period. The longer $GNG holders lock-up their tokens, the higher their respective share of the pool and, therefore, the higher their rewards.

It is possible that, during certain periods, the rewards pool ends up being refilled at a faster rate than it is being depleted. If this occurs, Gamic may opt to burn the excess tokens or increase the size of the token rewards pool for a set time interval. In the latter case, Gamic will create a separate, promotional rewards pool that users can opt to stake their tokens in. Users that already have their tokens locked up in the original pool will be able to transfer their tokens here for the duration of the promotion at no added cost and at no detriment to their rewards weight.


Alternative Staking Rewards

Gamic will also offer alternative staking rewards in the form of platform discounts and NFTs. This will be offered both promotionally and as a way to supplement token rewards during periods where $GNG drops below a price that can properly incentivize staking.

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