Attarius Partnership

Gamic Guild Signs Strategic Partnership With Attarius to Expand the Adoption of Play-to-Earn

Lagos, July 12, 2022

Gamic Guild is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Attrius; a decentralised platform for game producers and gamers focused on revolutionising play-to-earn and NFT. Attarius offers a complete toolset that provides players with multiple ways to make money playing games. This partnership will ease the barriers of entry for players who want to access an array of games to play and get acquainted with the ecosystem.

Play-to-earn is a novel sector in the Blockchain ecosystem with a strong appeal to the millennials. It is anticipated that the size of the global Play-to-Earn NFT Games market will increase to 3618.4 million US dollars by 2028, from 755 million US dollars in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.3% during the period 2022–2028. The concept of the Metaverse will create a bigger market for Play-to-earn games. As a ground-breaking and innovative earning model on the blockchain, play-to-earn needs this kind of strategic partnership which is user-intuitive.

Gamic Guild believes that play-to-earn as an economic model will revolutionize the adoption of the Blockchain. With a community of over 17,000 gamers and game enthusiasts, Gamic Guild has a proven record of thousands of gamers who earn a living weekly through playing games. As the foremost gaming guild in Africa, Gamic understands the economic challenges that the average African faces and seek to leverage the Blockchain through Play-to-earn to change the narrative.

The co-founder and CEO of Artist3, Mr. Ukeme Okuku, shared that β€œAfrica has an unexplored market for Blockchain and NFT games for everyone. When they begin their play-to-earn journey, the majority of aspiring gamers must contend with the expensive cost of purchasing a beginner NFT.

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