Gameathon Press Release

Gameathon Makes History As First Esports Tournament in Africa Powered By Blockchain Technology

Lagos, August 15, 2022

Gamic Guild made history by launching Gameathon, the first esports event in Africa powered by blockchain tech on Saturday, 13th August 2022. This live-streamed event featured a seamless fusion of gaming technology, art, music, culture and entertainment as never seen before.

The impact created by this momentous event created massive awareness about the grand opportunities in play-to-earn gaming and Web3 while offering Africans and gamers all over the world the freedom to turn their passion for gaming into real assets with real value.

During the tournament finale which spanned four electrifying hours, teams and gaming guilds from Africa, Dubai, Philipines, Thailand and more converged to battle across three popular games; Thetan Arena, Battle Royale and Call of Duty all for the grand prize pool of $10,000 at the finale.

Key Takeaways

  • Battle for the grand prize between Team AG, Elite Squad, Team Ace, and Team JFF: Each team battled in the arena with strategy, teamwork, ferocious domination, wit, coordination and high morale.

  • Exceptional music performance by Victony and engaging commentary featuring our top commentators Toosh and Manolo while featuring master OAP, the eloquent energy gAD Do2dtun.

  • Massive giveaway offers linked to participation in social media trivia and treasure hunts rewarding our amazing community for their high energy and active engagement throughout the tournament.


After several hours of intense action, the following winners emerged:

  • Thetan Arena Guild Wars Finale โ€” Team Ace of Gamic Guild

  • Blast Royale Finale โ€” 2 Sleek

  • Call of Duty Mobile Finale โ€” Incognito Africa

Top Guilds in the Tournament

Guilds from Africa and other nations like Thailand, Portugal, the Philippines and Dubai were represented in the tournament. We would like to especially appreciate all the participating teams from Afriguild, Avisa Games Guild, Polkastarter Gaming Guild, One Snap Esports, Amp Guild and Gamic Guild who showed up and made their impact felt throughout the event.

According to Gamicโ€™s Founder/CEO, Ukeme Okuku, โ€œGameathon is our attempt at using blockchain technology to merge esports and play-to-earn together. And with play-to-earn gamers across the globe competing with and against each other and earning massive rewards, everything is settled on the blockchain. However, we need to boost awareness and make play-to-earn gaming mainstream because the mainstream media already identifies with esports. Hence, beyond the earnings, gamers can play for fun, bragging rights and glory. With Gameathon we are planting the seed to bring this to reality.โ€

This tournament was a tremendous success because of everyone who played their part and also because of you, our beloved community who spread the word across boards. We remain committed to bringing more exciting and rewarding games and earning opportunities to every member of our vibrant community.

Looking forward to further collaborating with more dreamers, creators, developers, investors and enthusiasts pushing the frontiers of achievement and stimulating the adoption of this empowering technology locally and globally.

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Gamic Press Contact

For additional information or interview with CEO and Founder of Gamic, Ukeme Okuku, please contact Idoroenyin Usoro, Head of Storytelling, Brand Communications and Growth, Gamic |

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