The Gamic logo is the combination of an icon and a wordmark within the logomark. It must be used as this combination in a horizontal lockup or vertical lockup, as shown below.

  • Logomark

  • Horizontal lockup (logo in horizontal situation)

  • Vertical lockup (logo in vertical situation)

Lockup Spacing

The shortest block from the logomark has been used to determine the spacing between the logomark and the wordmark.

Logo Colourway

A set colour palette has been established for the logo in its various orientations.

In applications where the logomark is used by itself, it should only be depicted in one of the colours shown below.

The logomark and wordmark should only be used in these color combinations, just like with the lockups.

Colourway Applications

The color schemes are designed to be used with particular backdrops. Only the following combinations should be used in order to make sure the logo is utilized correctly and is visible.

White Background

All the colourways of the logo can be used on a white or light background except the White and Orange - White colourway

Orange Background

Gamic's logo color is orange. It should only ever be used, if at all feasible, as a plain background with the Noir or White Colorways.

Noir Background

Another distinguishing color for Gamic is Noir. It should only be used as a plain background when possible with the Orange - White or just White Colorways.

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