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Gamic partners with Play1st to Onboard Gamers to Fun and Scalable Web3 Social Games

Lagos, October 19, 2022

Gamic is excited to partner with Play1st to onboard gamers to scalable Web3 social games. Play1st is an offshoot of the parent company Carry1st, established to offer a better solution to the Web3 gaming infrastructural challenges. And Gamic is designed to enable players to earn while playing fun Web3 games.

Social games, especially collaborative social games, are popular with young people because theyโ€™re more interesting and participatory than streaming, video calls, or single-player gaming. They provide amusement and distraction and allow young people to learn by doing. And also practise social and emotional skills just like they would exercise in real life. In the end, leading to a sense of well-being in a world where everything is going online. The games allow players to communicate in-game. Some social video games foster problem-solving through quests or challenges, while others support open-ended play in a shared environment.

A survey finds that 12% of non-crypto gamers have tried Web3 games. 15% of those yet to play are interested in doing so in the future. Findings reinforce what many industry players have been saying recently โ€” that gamers are more interested in playing a โ€œfun gameโ€ than tokenomics.

Therefore, Gamic and Play1st will leverage cross-platform integration, eSports promotion, and game distribution to onboard more gamers into fun social games in Web3. Social video games feature interaction with other players, not just the device. Whether itโ€™s Sync or asynchronous, basic or complicated, console or mobile, free or paid. Through this partnership with Play1st, gamers in our community will be able to access easy discoverability of games and enjoy the Web3 NFT gaming experience.

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