Unitbox Partnership

Gamic Partners With UNITBOX to Lower the Barrier to Entry to GameFi Through NFT Rental

Lagos, December 2, 2022

Gamic is pleased to announce its most recent collaboration with UnitBox Protocol, the first Rent-To-Earn solution and the most flexible NFT rental protocol based on a revenue-sharing model. This collaboration presents an amazing opportunity for our scholars, the NFT games integrated within our guild and our gamers in the community.

UNITBOX is a Dubai-based company that rents and leases non-fungible tokens. The project’s Rent-to-Earn model lets scholars rent assets for free and split profits with NFT owners (investors). The non-custodial native marketplace lets gamers and investors rent NFTs for free and split the profit with the NFT owner. Additionally, games, guilds, and NFT marketplaces can use the rental solution. Blockchain technology automates payouts, allowing NFT owners to rent their assets transparently and securely. UNITBOX DAO participants can call back their non-fungible tokens at any time without penalty.

Have you ever wanted to own an NFT, especially in-game assets, but didn’t have the money or the patience to wait until you could? NFT renting enables users to temporarily own special NFTs without having to purchase them. This partnership will lower the entry barrier for people to access NFT assets. As the leading GameFi startup in Africa, with our surging community of gamers, we would be able to meet user demand, build trust, and educate new market participants.

GameFi NFTs give players a competitive advantage and take the form of in-game items like tools, characters, skins, or even plots of land. Players pay you (the lender) a portion of the cryptocurrency they gain from participating in online combat, farming, or racing in exchange for renting the NFTs.

With this partnership, our community can have access to streams of income and economic opportunities available on the blockchain through NFT renting. Our vision at Gamic is to reduce the barriers limiting gamers from accessing the myriad of opportunities the blockchain offers. And through our product, people from all over the globe can build their dream communities.

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