Project SEED Partnership

Binance-Backed Gamic Announces Partnership With Project SEED

Lagos, December 20, 2022

Binance-backed Gamic has announced a partnership with Project SEED, a multichain gaming ecosystem that includes Gaming Studio, NFT Center, and Gamefi Nexus. Project SEED is on track to make blockchain gaming popular with a large number of people.

Gamic is a social platform designed to make it easy for Web3 communities and gamers to connect, collaborate, and engage with one another. We are backed by Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, and have already amassed a large and growing user base.

Blockchain gaming could become mainstream with this partnership because:

  1. Participants can have more asset control and decrease fraud and tampering.

  2. True ownership: Traditional gamers do not own the in-game products or assets they buy or acquire. However, Blockchain gaming lets players own and sell their assets.

  3. Interoperability: Blockchain gaming supports cross-platform play. Players can use their assets across games and platforms, enhancing their value and utility.

  4. Immersion: Some blockchain games allow players to engage with the game world, unlike traditional games. Players may visit gaming locales or engage in real-world activities.

  5. Blockchain games use decentralized networks and cryptography technologies to protect players and their assets. Players concerned about their personal information or assets may like this.

Gamic and ProjectSEED will work together to bring more exciting and rewarding blockchain games to the Gamic community. Project SEED will be able to use Gamic’s loyal player base for tournaments and other events. They will also be able to collaborate on marketing events with Gamic’s ecosystem, such as SocialFi events and guild PVP.

The collaboration is a significant step forward for both Gamic and ProjectSEED because it brings together two industry leaders in gaming and blockchain. Both companies will tap into each other’s user bases and broaden their reach. It is also a big step toward getting a lot of people to use blockchain games.

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